Creating time-lapse videos with Mobotix cameras

When creating a time-lapse, you are using the FTP profile of the camera, this can be found under the ADMIN Menu.

You have two options: Normal FTP or Streaming FTP. Depending on how the camera is connected, meaning hardwired (Cat5/6e cable) or wireless will depend on which one you use to make sure there are no lost images. If hardwired, use Streaming FTP. Streaming opens the FTP client one time, stays open and funnels the images every 30 seconds. Normal FTP will log on every 30 Seconds, drop the image and then log off. Streaming is faster.

You will use the Time Tasks under the Admin Menu to set the number of seconds interval. We recommend using a network attached storage (NAS) device if possible, otherwise use a SD card (up to 200GB size as of 10.1.16). Once the data has been collected, you can use a third party software which is free, and compile the images from the NAS. The time-lapse film is constructed using standard jpeg images.

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